In the mid-1990's I saw a light sphere in the sky descend behind a Jehova's witness' (not affiliated) kingdom hall. At the time I was oblivious to the symbolism, but later I came to see it as a personal message and this pendant as a UFO approved message.

In September 1999 I had a massive spiritual experience. I went from hard-line anti-theist materialist fundamentalist atheist through a short time of complete darkness - every though a realization of a meaningless world, no hope, a cosmic joke - to, in the blink of an eye, knowing God, Jesus, myself, life, truth. In the next couple of months, I spent tens of hours in pure Love/Light/truth a.k.a. heaven a.k.a. Objective reality.

Love is perfect consciousness, a knowing, we've fallen from in this world. In Love it all makes sense - God, what we really are, how we should live together, the meaning of life, where we come from, where we're going. Its all love. This work is the manifestation of love in informational-material form.

A few months prior to this I had bought a domain name - lawsoflife. Already back then I was planning to make a site about Liberty politics. In 2011 it had evolved to look something like this, as I thought of the dual nature of Liberty as a reflection of the human mind-body's sides.

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Sometime between 2005-2010 I realized that LOVE turned make up the numbers and letters 3AO7. I wrote it down inside the cover of my bible. At that time I only knew "alfa and omega" was a phrase used in the bible.

Now 20 years after the original experience my philosophy of human rights, politics, economics, science, theology has been blessed with this tight package that is the 3AO7LOVE pendant. I'm ready to share the fruits of that experience and the prayers, studies, and work that followed.

This is a testament to and manifestation of my faith in Love and Truth based ultimately in the spirit and truth of the person Jesus.  Beyond the religious overtones is a straight forward and logical scientific, political and philosophical proposition that any rational and fair-minded person ought to be able to ponder and even agree upon.